Putting Your Funds To Their Best Use

We have been assisting families in our community since 1953. We strive on providing supports and services that cater to each unique situation. Our supports are designed in partnership with you. We can assist in helping put your plan into action.

Administrative tasks can be time-consuming and overwhelming. We can help you as a transfer payment agency by:

  • Ensuring Ministry documentation requirements are met
  • Monitoring financial records
  • Developing a budget
  • Helping with the direct payment of bills to other services & supports as requested
  • Managing reimbursement of self-employed support workers
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There are many options and we are dedicated to ensuring you get what you are looking for by:

  • Helping you research various community activities
  • Helping you get connected to supports within your community
  • Exploring different support options with you

We can offer you support and guidance in securing and maintaining a self-employed support worker including:

  • Access to a list of potential self-employed support workers on an as needed basis
  • The ability to hire a Community Living Windsor support worker
  • Assistance with interviewing and screening as directed by person/family
  • Assistance with arranging, organizing and coordinating supports and services purchased with Passport support funds

There is so much more that we can offer. Let us know what you are looking for.
Connect with us today!

Things to consider before connecting with us:

What type of support do you need?
Daytime or evening? In home? Residential Support? Community-based?

What type of support do you want?
My own self-employed worker? Flexible hours?

What are you interested in?
Gaining employment? Discovering hobbies? Getting connected with others?

What are your goals?
Short-term? Long-term? What kind of life do you want to live?

If you would like Community Living Windsor to administer your Passport funds or if you have any questions related to Passport, please contact:

Sue Kawala, Manager Family Support
Phone: 519-974-4221 ext. 214
Email: suek@clwindsor.org.

Click here to download a support invoice.