A Rewarding Life For Your Child

Special Services at Home (SSAH) is a family directed program funded provincially by Ontario's Ministry of Community and Social Services. It is available for children up to the age of 18 years with an intellectual disability and children with a physical disability. The family can use the money to hire someone to:
  • Teach new skills and abilities
  • Teach daily living activities and community skills
  • Provide respite care
The amount of money a family receives depends on:
  • The type and amount of service needed
  • What other help is available in the community
  • What other support the family is already receiving
In Windsor-Essex County, the administration of the Special Services at Home program is overseen by Family Respite Services, with service being delivered through three local agencies. The agencies are Family Respite Services, Community Living Essex County and Community Living Windsor. A family does have the option of administering the funding themselves. Funding is provided to families on an annual contractual basis. The Ministry of Community and Social Services determines the amount of funding available for each individual applicant. Community Living Windsor will assist individuals who have an intellectual disability and/or families who are eligible for SSAH with all aspects of their contracts including:
  • Completing the initial application
  • Annual reapplications
  • Recruiting and linking families with potential support workers
  • Developing individual goals
If you would like Community Living Windsor to administer your SSAH contract or simply want more information, please contact: Sue Kawala, Manager, Family Support Phone: 519-974-4221 ext. 214 Email: suek@clwindsor.org