Bettering Yourself And Your Community

A little bit can go a long way, especially when it comes to getting involved with Community Living Windsor.

If you're looking for ways to give back to your community, a meaningful job opportunity, or even just somewhere to volunteer in your free time - we have many fulfilling opportunities available. Learn more about our opportunities for you to get involved by clicking through the links below.
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Be a Host Family

By opening your home and heart to others in need, you're gaining a positive life experience, and providing an individual with the support they need to fully function in the community.

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Job Opportunities

If you're mature and caring, and interested in providing fulfilling work to your surrounding community, there could be the perfect position for you with Community Living Windsor.

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Hire Someone Who Has a Disability

We strive to fill your job openings with employees who will successfully fit into the role and your company at large. We'll work to ensure we create a win-win situation - for both employer and employee.

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A strong membership base is what drives all of our work. We thrive with the support of our members, and in return we show our appreciation through various training opportunities and social events.

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Our valued volunteers continue to play an essential role in our ongoing support of people who have an intellectual disability. We provide a meaningful way to volunteer your time.

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Other Ways to Give

Donations are highly valued by Community Living Windsor, and all of our members. Donations are what allow us to continue to support the community and provide new opportunities.

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