Meet Amean, Natalie, Malcolm, and Eric. They are among the many people we support who are making valuable contributions to the local business community.

Amean - D.B. Masonry LLC

""My position at D.B. Masonry LLC is a labourer. I have been working this job for 5 weeks so far and I like it. My duty for this job is I give the bricklayer cement and bricks. My favourite thing about this job is I get to see and learn how brick is laid and on Friday I get to leave work to go to my mosque to pray. One thing I would share with everyone that is looking for a job is to make sure you like the job and you enjoy doing it". ~ Amean

Amean aspires to own his own construction business one day. He realizes that to make his dream happen there are mini steps that have to be completed, and he is willing to put the effort in to reach them. WIth support from his family, self, and Community Living Windsor, he was able to begin this venture. Amean holds two jobs, one being at D.B. Masonry, and he likes learning new things.
His advice to others is "just go for it. If you don't like it, you can change your mind."

Meet Natalie - Roseland Golf & Curling Club and Winners

Natalie has been employed as an early-morning cleaner with Roseland Golf and Curling Club since the summer of 2018. She loves her job and the staff all have great things to say about her. Currently laid off from her position at the Club due to the pandemic, Natalie sought assistance from Community Living Windsor to find an interim position that would help keep her life busy and meaningful, and provide a source of income until she returns to her position. C
Natalie recently started a position at Winners, and they are happy to have her on board. She works on the sales floor assisting customers, organizing items, and collecting stock from the backroom. Natalie says both jobs are totally different and yet satisfying in different ways. She loves helping people and bringing smiles to people's faces.
Natalie's advice to others is that people have a choice to be happy and to make the best out of things, or the choice to change what you don't want or like in your life. And, always be willing to learn from your experiences, no matter what they might be!

Meet Malcolm - East Side Mario's and Petro-Pass

Malcolm considers himself a go-getter. While completing the CICE Program at St. Clair College, he took part in Community Living Windsor's Summer Work Engagement Program. In May 2018, CLW Employment Specialists assisted him to find work at East Side Mario's, and he still holds a job there.

During the pandemic, Malcolm experienced a shortage of work. With help from Community Living Windsor, he started a job at Petro-Pass this summer. He now not only works one job but two part-time jobs, and he uses his bike for transportation year-round in all types of weather.
In his spare time, Malcolm likes to draw and he is planning to open his own business one day. His advice to others is to not take life so seriously; take some time to enjoy yourself. It's important to live life with a little humour.

Meet Eric - Essex Golf & Country Club


Eric has worked at Essex Golf & Country Club since the summer of 2018. His favourite parts of his job are driving the "Gator" and the support he receives from his supervisor and coworkers. Eric has many responsibilities at the golf course, including repairing divots, clearing the tees and greens, collecting leaves and garbage, and keeping the shop in order—to name a few.

Eric is on the autism spectrum and experiences anxiety. Through his position, Eric has learned flexibility, patience, and dedication. He's learned many new tasks and overcome a lot of different obstacles on the job. One example of Eric's dedication is when he learned to operate new equipment after hours on his own time with the help of his supervisor.

His supervisor has been patient, accommodating, and supportive to Eric's needs through ways of communicating, giving responsibility and autonomy with mid-day check-ins, being flexible to new schedules, and allowing Eric to listen to music while working!
Eric's message to employers is that it makes sense to hire people with special abilities because all people have skills and are capable of doing things. The right approach on behalf of the employer allows someone’s skills to shine!