Gain The Resources To Change Lives

Whether you are representing yourself or someone you love, it is important to have the information and resources you need to make sure that you are making the best decisions.

It is part of our mission to help provide you with the resources that you might need.

For a quick information resource, learn more about our most recent copy of the Information Resource Directory For Persons With Disabilities in Windsor and Essex County.

For even more information, learn more about what is offered in our community through Ontario 211.

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Advocacy & Accessibility Groups

Various groups across Ontario share the values of maintaining equality for all citizens - with or without disabilities - in our community. Learn more about the groups standing up for equal rights.

Learn More about Advocacy & Accessibility Groups

Employment Services

Our employment specialists will pair you with employers and positions that suit your skills and interests. Our ongoing support helps ensure that you continue to develop and stay satisfied with your role.

Learn More about Employment Services
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Financial Matters

Take advantage of government commissioned financial plans to adequately plan for your present and future. See the plans you can choose from.

Learn More about Financial Matters
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Downtown Centre

Based in downtown Windsor, this is the home base for staff that provide support for individuals who do not want or need support workers present all the time.

Learn More about Downtown Centre
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Funding Supports

There are different provincial programs and funding supports that are made available to adults who have an intellectual disability living in Ontario. Each program has its own requirements and benefits. Learn more about how you can get connected.

Learn More about Funding Supports
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Awards & Bursaries

We are proud to recognize groups and individuals who work hard to promote inclusivity within communities. We provide the following awards and bursaries to express our support.

Learn More about Awards & Bursaries
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Your Rights

Every person is entitled to the same rights and choices. Learn about your rights and freedoms living in Ontario, Canada.

Learn More about Your Rights
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Take advantage of opportunities to learn a new skill and connect with others in your community. From gardening to fitness, we have an activity for everyone.

Learn More about Ventures