Use Your Funds to Create New Opportunities

Community Living Windsor supports the freedom of individuals and their families to make choices and to use their funds in flexible ways.

We give people and families financial control of their Passport or Individualized funds, offer assistance maintaining financial accountability and assisting people to find new opportunities to get connected within our community. Connect with us today to talk about how you can use Passport or Individualized funds and learn more about how we can help.
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Administration of Passport Funds

We'll discuss your funding goals and needs and determine a comprehensive plan that helps you get the most from your Passport funding. Start putting your funding to its best use.

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Individualized Funds

Administration of Individualized Funds

The option of administration of individualized funding allows individuals to maintain financial control of their funds. We provide any needed support and direction, while allowing overall financial decisions to be made independently.

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Support Invoice Reimbursement

We are happy to help you with the administrative tasks of submitting your support invoices to reimburse your self-employed support workers or cover any other costs .

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Employment Services

We will use your skills and goals to match you with a position that will be mutually beneficial to both you and your future employer. Start gaining real life work experience.

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Work 4 All

We provide the opportunity and resources for potential paid and meaningful employment through matching participants with employers.

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Downtown Centre

Based in downtown Windsor, this is the home base for staff that provide support for individuals who do not want or need support workers present all the time.

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Take advantage of opportunities to learn a new skill and connect with others in your community. From gardening to fitness, we have an activity for everyone.

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