Providing The Resources To Achieve Independence

We’ve been working with people and their families for over 60 years. It is our mission to help provide support to people who have an intellectual disability and their families to have the ability to live the life they choose.

There are many ways to get involved with Community Living Windsor to help us achieve our community vision in creating an inclusive community for everyone.
Who We Are

About Us

Learn how we support over 600 people in our Windsor community by providing new opportunities, possibilities, and building stronger relationships.

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Inclusive Hiring

We strive to fill your job openings with employees who will successfully fit into the role and your company at large. We'll work to ensure we create a win-win situation - for both employer and employee.

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Inclusive Education

Equality starts from the very beginning - with school. Through inclusive education we can ensure that all students attain skills and knowledge that are appropriate for their age and abilities.

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For an optimally functioning community, people should all have the opportunity to live in regular homes and work in productive jobs. Learn more about the Acts that allow us to achieve this lifestyle.

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By supporting those with disabilities we are strengthening our community and improving our economic and social wellbeing. Help our Windsor community reach its full potential by creating an inclusive community.

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