Conscious Care and Support Workshop

November 14, 2019

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Atonement Family Centre

2940 Forest Glade Drive, Windsor, ON

Join us for a one-day workshop facilitated by Peter Marks, CEO of A Centre for Conscious Care.

Cost is $50 for professionals and $10 for families. Lunch will be provided.

For information and registration, please contact Adriana at (519) 974-4221 ext. 257 or

Conscious Care and Support (CCS) is a training, development and consulting program for community support professionals, parents, family members, teachers and psycho-social professionals – “supporters who provide service and support to individuals of all ages who have autism and other developmental disabilities.

The program very significantly improves the skills of supporters beyond what is currently considered best practice in Ontario. As a result, individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities get much better treatment and support as reported by measures of improved quality of life, learning, emotional well-being and significantly reduced self-injurious behaviour and aggression. CCS does not replace existing practices which are primarily behavioural interventions and traditional medical protocols. It does however significantly enhance the effectiveness of these approaches.

Overall, CCS addresses two key components to complement and enhance current approaches:

1. Biomedical, energy balancing and protection, sensory and neurodevelopment interventions.

2. Development of supporters’ emotional maturity and mindful self-regulation skills.