Experiencing Human Rights, Responsibilities, And Opportunities

Citizenship is about experiencing human rights, responsibilities, and opportunities.

For many people, including people who have an intellectual disability, citizenship is experienced in a lesser form. Not everyone is allowed the same opportunities and sense of belonging. Community Living Windsor works to ensure that citzen also means belonging for those with an intellectual or developmental disability.

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This means belonging in:

  • Daycares, schools, colleges and universities
  • Places of work, culture, and recreation
  • Worship and spiritual fellowship
  • Politics and government
  • Economic exchange
  • Family, relationships, intimate partnerships, neighbourhoods

Supporting people who have an intellectual disability to belong makes good economic sense. It also helps creates communities that are vibrant, strong and diverse.

Inclusion is important because it's the way in which all people experience their right to full participation and have the opportunity to make contributions as citizens. Through participation and inclusion all people have value.