Striving To Achieve Equality In The School System

While many children who have an intellectual disability are being included in schools throughout Ontario, many more are still striving to realize their right to an inclusive education.

It is not enough to be just physically present in a school. Inclusive education means that students with disabilities are:

  • Welcomed by their neighbourhood school
  • Included in age-appropriate, regular classes
  • Supported to learn
  • Supported to contribute and participate in school related activities such as field trips and other extra-curricular activities

Award Ribbon

The Bea DeBernardi Award for Inclusive Education

Community Living Windsor celebrates and rewards efforts made by a school towards an inclusive education experience for students who have an intellectual disability. We annually recognize an elementary or secondary school within Windsor and Essex County who exemplifies a school where everyone belongs.

Learn more about the Bea DeBernardi Award for Inclusive Education (PDF)

Teachers, education assistants and children need appropriate supports to ensure success for everyone.

Learn more about inclusive education with resources from the Ontario Coalition for Inclusive Education.