Serving Over 600 People In Our Community

We support new possibilities for people who have an intellectual disability, leading to a better life, empowerment and new opportunities for building an inclusive community in Windsor. We believe that we are all equal citizens of a community where we all belong.

Communities are enriched by people functioning in society with diverse talents, interests and skills. People and communities at large benefit by individuals living in ordinary homes, attending neighbourhood schools, working at regular jobs and participating in activities and events alongside friends and neighbours.

Our community has the capacity and potential to support people who have an intellectual disability into a network of resources, opportunities, and relationships. Connecting with ones community leads to new relationships and a greater sense of self worth for all. Our world is a better place when we see that every person has something to offer.

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Our Mission, Vision, And Values

We are an organization that is focussed on people. We are dedicated to an approach that demonstrates our commitment to people, families, staff and volunteers.

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Since 1953 we’ve worked hard to support the Windsor community, and have been growing and succeeding ever since. From modest beginnings to great achievements, we continue to evolve with our community.

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Board of Directors

Board Of Directors

Our Board of Directors works to ensure our policies and direction stay compliant with the goals of our business and community. Learn more about who comprises our Board.

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