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Buckingham Renovation

Updated: May 1

Prior to the pandemic, our team here at CLW started a partnership with the Community Housing Corporation that included a fresh new purpose-built apartment unit in the new Meadowbrook building for the ladies who resided at 2** Buckingham. That project was completed earlier this year and everyone is loving their new home!

So what's happening with the home at 2** Buckingham? Our community has so many people in need of housing but the need is extremely high for self-contained apartments. Last year we approached the Board of Directors and the Ministry to agree on our team's plan to completely renovate 2** Buckingham into a space that could be versatile and that could literally support anyone's needs. The result? We now have a completed property that is ready to house two people upstairs and one person downstairs, all in self-contained but flexible apartments. One is even accessible!

Tell me more! While we are not 100% sure who will move into the apartments at 2** Buckingham, we have a fairly good idea (more details to be announced). You can be sure that we will look to create many new positions, including SC, FT, and some PT as well. At this point in time, we are in touch with Developmental Services Ontario and other organizations and are actively meeting some of the new people who were put forward for consideration. We are hoping to begin supports for people as soon as plans have been developed and funding is approved by the Ministry, which should be a matter of months.

Special thanks to Corey, Gerti, Matt, Amy, Maged (architect), Lester Construction, the CLW Board of Directors, and the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. Without your talent and willingness to adapt and overcome, this project would never have come to fruition.


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