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Now people and families who have Individualized Supports, including Passport, can easily check their remaining balances and submit new invoices any time.


*Opens a new window

Why submit Electronically?

It's fast, easy, helps us support more families, and provides faster reimbursements! You even get a receipt emailed to you right away, and you don't have to keep physical receipts when you submit online. 

*Opens a new window

How do I check my balance?

Click here to register.  Once we create a login for you, you will be able to see your balance in real time and generate reports of invoices paid.  

*Balance shows paid invoices, but not ones in process. 

Need help?

To register to see your balance, click here.

If you are already registered, see our tutorial

Optional- learn how to add a bookmark to your phone/tablet's home screen. 

We're here for you!  If you need a hand, email us at for one-on-one support. 

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