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Looking for Funding or Support?

If you're an adult with an intellectual disability and you don't yet have support or funding, we can help you to apply and to get support.

Get Support From CLW

CLW welcomes people and families to choose customized support that is tailored to the person's wishes.  We encourage people to work with unencumbered third party facilitators to design the life they want, then to tell us how we can best support them.  We're here to make it work for you!

Why Choose Us?

CLW is not-for-profit.  The support we provide to people is second to none because we are a values-first organization.  With over 70 years of experience, our team is here to help you make choices, pursue possibilities, and achieve the life you want. 

Not sure where to start?

We're here to help.  If you don't know where to start, give us a call.  We will help you learn how to apply for support and funding from the Ontario government for FREE.  Once you have your funding, we will help you learn about the services we offer, or help you to customize your own. 

We are here every step of the way!   Learn More.

Support Options to Consider

(or further customize)

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Custom Community Supports.  CLW offers daytime support to individuals and small groups who want to engage in their community.  This might include things like volunteering, joining a club, participating in a league, etc. Get started.

Supported Independent Living.  We support people who live independently to maintain and enhance their independence.  To do this, we listen to what the person and their family say is needed, and our staff meet the person in their home or community to provide short periods of support.  Get started.

Apartment Building
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Family Support / Family Home Support. CLW encourages families to ask for the custom support they would like. Some ideas include: payment processing/reimbursement, human resource assistance, developing Independent Contractor support, connection to other resources, purchase of CLW staff, and more. Get started.

Remote Monitoring.  CLW offers a service where we can customize remote monitoring to a person’s individual needs.  Examples include, remote video monitoring, as-needed assistance by video, phone, or text, responding in-person to unplanned needs, medication compliance verification, and more. Coming Soon.

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Transitional Independent Living Training.  CLW offers a robust training opportunity for people seeking to live on their own or with a roommate.  Using our “transitional apartment,” our staff help a person to increase their independence, with the goal of moving to their very own apartment. Get started.

Respite.  CLW offers people and families the opportunity for short-term respite.  Our respite apartment comes fully furnished with many enhanced safety features.  People and families are welcome to schedule respite breaks ahead of time for short periods, including on a regular basis, where desired. Coming Soon.

Help with Cooking
Man Working

Employment.  CLW works closely with people to develop the skills and tools to become ready for employment.  We also support people through the years to ensure they are successful in their careers. We can help you get a job for FREE, including all the steps along the way.  Once you have your job, you can choose what level of support you might need for the future to help you continue to be successful. Get started.

Larger Group Day Supports (Time-Limited).  We understand families need to work or do other things that may require their loved one to receive support and supervision outside of the home.  CLW’s focus is on ensuring that people receive custom, tailored, and flexible support that is based on their interests and is individualized or in small groups.  Our larger group day supports are focused on helping a person to discover interests and relationships that will lead to more customized and personalized outcomes.  This is a great option to allow people and families immediate relief in order to start a more meaningful transition. Coming Soon.

Group Seflie

Click here to get started with a CLW Personal Service Navigator.

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