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What Kind of Device do you Have?

You have an Apple Device (iPhone or and iPad)

Consider opening these instructions on a different device than the one you are setting-up.

You can repeat this process for any website.  We recommending adding these three:


2) (use this to submit invoices)

3) (use this to check your balance)

Video tutorial using Chrome browser

Video tutorial using Safari browser

If you prefer step-by-step, please see below.

Step 1

Open Safari web browser. 


Step 2

Navigate to the website you want to bookmark.

(see the ones above, for example).

Next, click the box with up arrow icon.


Step 3

Click "Add to Home Screen."


Step 4

Name it something helpful, like "Submit Invoices."

Then, click Add.


Step 5

Now your new icon is there and you can click it any time to load the website.

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