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Remote Support Options

Quick Bursts of support by phone, text, or video. 

What is it?

Remote support is a new option for people who need support with tasks but who do not need a supporter right beside them.  You can customize your support, but here are a few ideas:

  • Med monitoring, reminders, safety check-ins,

  • Task prompts / checks, security checks,

  • Recipe / cooking support,

  • Activating smart devices, technology support,

  • Cab / ride arranging, activity planning,

  • Anything else you can think of.

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Technology Needed

You will need access to either a land line phone, smart phone, or a computer.  If you need financial support to afford your technology, consider using Passport funds.  CLW also has a small technology fund for people we support who cannot afford technology on their own. 

White Landline Earpiece

Phone (Land Line)


Smart Phone

Video Call



Up to 3-Minutes
$4.50 each 


Quick checks that things are done (lights are on, door locked), text to verify completion of a task, check of a camera or other system, sending prompts that don't need follow-up, environmental controls, etc.


Up to 5-Minutes
$7.50 each


Phone or video call to a person to confirm things are completed or to provide support.  Verification or help with medications, sending prompts or verifications that may require follow-up responses.


Up to 10-Minutes
$14.50 each


Phone or video calls to a person that require more than 5-minutes, companion calls to check-in with people, security checks and monitoring, assistance with planning or guidance in meal preparations. 

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Input different options and see the cost in real time.

(No need for any personal information)

How to get started

If these supports are right for you, we will meet with you to discuss your unique needs, including technology, times for supports, what decisions should be made if the person does not respond / participate in support on a given day, and anything else needed.

Please fill in the contact form below 

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Please leave us your contact information and what you are looking for.  We will reach out to you as soon as possible.  

We can't wait to meet you!

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