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Tutorial for using TIMMS (to see online balances)

So you need a hand finding your balance online?  No problem, help is here!


  • You are a person or family with Individualized Supports or passport through CLW.

  • You have registered for this service and have received an email response back from CLW with your login details (this can take up to 5 business days).  


  • The balance you see on TIMMS reflects invoices that have been paid already. It does not include any invoices you've submitted that are still being processed. 

  • We do our best to maintain accurate records, but the person or family who is directing the Individualized Supports is responsible to keep track of their own balance.

What do you need help with?

Logging in | Finding Balance | Reporting on Invoices | Something Else

Logging in to TIMMS

1. Click the "Check my Balance" button on our website


2. Log in to your account (see image)

The "Agency" is clwindsor for everyone

The "Agency PIN" is 192837 for everyone

Your username and password are provided during registration

Logging in to TIMMS

Finding your balance

1. Click People
2. Click Browse People
3. Click on the person's profile picture

Your screen should like the image shown.

4. For each account, you can now see balance remaining, amount used, and total funding. 
*Remember- balances reflect only what has been paid.  If you have invoices in process, these are not included.

Finding your balance

Reporting on Invoices

1. Click on Reports
2. Click on Create Report
3. Choose Person Expenses
4/5. Choose the start and end dates of the period you want a report for
6. Choose the person's name
7. Click Generate Report
8. When the report is finished generating, you will see a Download Report button

*Remember, the report will only include items that have been paid, not items that are still in process. 

Reporting on Invoices
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