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Transition Apartment: Building Independence

Community Living Windsor is thrilled to announce a brand-new support option that can be utilized by people who currently live in a 24-support location or with their family and/or trusted others, and have a desire to live independently.

Community Living Windsor has acquired a an apartment unit in a brand new building in the East End of Windsor.  The unit is fully furnished and will be equipped with the latest smart tech to promote independence, while also ensuring a safe learning environment for someone taking the next steps in the journey toward living independently.

In addition, our Direct Support Professionals will provide customized support and capitalize on teaching and learning opportunities to help the person supported further develop the necessary skills for independent living.  Areas of skill development may include: medication safety and self administration, food handling, preparation and cooking safety, personal and fire safety, as well as accessing transportation and making connections in the community.

Utilizing a combination of Developmental Services sector tested assessment tools and our own customized progression tool, the person, as well as their family and/or trusted others, will always be aware of their current progress and next steps toward achieving their goal.

If you’re a staff reading this and think this would be a great opportunity for someone you support please share this information with them and reach out to your manager to have a discussion about the process and options available.

If you are a person supported or family member please click here if you would like to request more info.


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